We are living on the verge of extreme environmental degradation and polluted atmosphere. The extreme use of chemicals in domestic, industrial and agricultural applications has robbed our water of its natural therapeutic abilities. The water that we use in our homes or industries comes in hard form with lime, rust, algae and many harmful chemicals and heavy metals. This contaminated water works as slow-poison not only for human beings but also affects the efficiency of land, livestock, and machines.

Here is how:

  • The impure water may be contaminated with toxic metals which can cause serious health threat to the brain, kidneys, the entire nervous system, blood pressure and red blood cells. It can do serious life long damages to infants, children like delay in physical or mental development, and mental deficits and is equally harmful for pregnant ladies, too.
  • Hard water destroys the quality of clothes and reduces normal life span as much as up to 40%.
  • Hard water destroys the cleaning capacity of soaps and detergents and leaves our body, hair and other utensils unclean.
  • Hard Water deposits scales up into plumbing systems, pipe lines, boiler systems, solar heating systems, cooling towers etc and reduces their efficiency and life both.
  • Hard Water in farms results in less absorption, more evaporation, and less production, requiring greater quantity of pesticides and fertilizers.


Soft Water is the only permanent solution of all Hard Water Created problems. It lets soap work well on your body and cleans it well, removes soils, bacteria and opens the pores to healthy skin. It makes your hair soft, silky and shining with health. So is true for your clothes, too. A little quantity of soap or shampoo can work wonders for you now. You get cleaner utensils, free of health hazard now. Everything cleans perfect with soft water. It prevents scaling in pipe lines and equipments, and improves their life and efficiency both. You can save as much as 22% energy at home or works by using appropriate Natural Water Treatment System.


Our Products Micro Dew Water Softner-Cum-Conditioner, Micro Dew Water Softner-Cum-Conditioner Plus and Micro Dew Water Softner-Cum-Conditioner (Agro Aqua) are 100% Natural Water Treatment Systems which work on our patented Redox (Oxidation-Reduction) Technology and enables water flow freely through the system without causing deposits, rust, corrosion. They use No External Chemical, No Electricity, No Salts or No Resins in the process hence are 100% Maintenance Free and Natural Water Treatment System.